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Contentment - defined as, 'appreciation and enjoyment of whatever may be desired'
is humanities given, intuition facilitated natural status - available within voluntary acceptance of universal equality.
The only complete definition of success
is 'the degree contentment is maintained or regenerated
throughout all circumstances influenced by whatever is being judged'.

Peace is an unrealistic civil dream, with consequent history of decomposition into recycling nightmares.
It isn't technically possible for civil values, United Nations, philanthropy etc etc, to regenerate contentment.

There is simple reason why civil endeavor toward peace, generates war via unrealistic friction, aggression etc.

Encompassing reality as director, together with its management structure, nature, is proven by its absolute continuity, to be the only complete definition of simple and faultless.
Continually reported civil friction, aggression, waste etc, seem consequent of values - all opposing universal equality and each other - so it is realistic to check the origin, the history, then the nett concequences that all categories of values did, do and will generate - an average 50% loss of contentment potential is the collective loss endured by humanity addicted to civil values. Opposing equality is as stupid as opposing gravity - another of natures balancing influences. Values don't exist in the universe beyond civilian's minds. No species descendants are conceived or born with values - within civilization, addiction to them is 'gently' force fed by predecessor addicts.Because they are unrealistic - values must be justified then imposed to protect them from eradication by intuition - naturally.
The origin of values can be verified by tracing their trail through civil history to the experiment they derived from, just before the first of graffit then folklore - then combining that evidence with the knowledge that before our pre-historic predecessors deviated from absolute equality within alignment with encompassing reality's principles and preferences - those predecessors appreciated and accepted absolute equality without exception - as they did gravity.
Our partner species continue to appreciate and accept equality, with consequent stable contentment being the lifestyle of their lifecycle - as it may be again for humanity in partnership with residual realistic science and technology - via intuitively resurrected comprehension, courage and commitment.

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it is realistic perspective. So why and how were values assigned then imposed throughout humanity by apprentice civilians - as they became addicted to unrealistic superiority consequent of their self assigned values? More relevant now, how and when can civilian's values that the intuition of all humans find objectionable, be displaced, allowing humanity the personal space to regain alignment with the only lifecycle management system proven faultless by its continuity.




FAQ's about humanity

Do we endure unrealistic stresses?
What are they?
What causes them?
Can the problems be solved?
Can they be avoided?
Are science and civil related?
What resources required?
Process period would be?
Objective worth the effort?
How to prevent recurrence?
Consequent coordination?
Consequent lifestyle?


Consider history and daily reports
Addiction to, Imposition of, civil values
No - energy applied just recycles them
Regenerate intuitive realism
Adopt oassiss 'reflections' of reality
Science is the natural antidote for civil
Those within and surrounding us
> than 1 < than 4 generations
Beyond imaginable doubt
Maintain birth status realism
Via universal common, given, intuition
Energetic collective contentment

Email - oassiss.org@gmail.com
the Civil Circus text
Imagine Courtesy John Lennon  
is it true of a newborn baby a mind so fresh and clear
eyes bright with wonder without any sign of fear
that the first sign of full balance hoped for every day
is that first cute attempt to smile
the connection and desire to play
was it something learned of mother
a gift from nature or some other
the first initiative to smile
for whom how often why
are you my friend or am I yours
so much to understand.....

to simplify not justify and so end confusion
civilians must regain the catalyst of fusion
that will draw together and tightly bind
knowledge fragmented in a civil mind
allow the truth we need to know
reality is our mother who alone will light our smile
will minimize stress while enhancing our style
add contentment to the reason in our life
let realism lightly lessen the weight
it's so simple but it's true
lighten the life of another with your natural smile
they will relax share enjoy life with you
the smile is a most important part
a catalyst for the initial spark
be caressed with trust
be touched without feeling
to be held so firm while alone
feel so warm inside that any snow
retains only it's pristine crystal beauty
there is no cold it cannot approach me
the satisfaction from the fields the sun
my lover my life my dream my labor
but no pleasure  can  move me
until  lifted  from  the mud
by the caress of trust

when you said you loved me
I believed and felt light-hearted
when I hear you say you trust me
I feel more beyond belief my friend
more than when I knew I trusted you
no feather as light no grip so complete
what more could I need too comprehend
surely and only the natural trust of myself.
  we can give you trust alone
as trust is all we really own
is fear the cause of why you need
if that is your truth today
we can help indeed.
we have tried to learn
this world we share
all we can sense you see
there is no more you can need
if you have the patience we have the time
will you be our friend - we are yours

The future does not belong to us
future belongs to the children who deserve
they naturally accept it at first as given in trust
then their intuition will question while they serve
only those with reason to hide if they can
what they have for a plan
will forever deceive
blocking question and comment
from those whose futures they weave


OASSISS is a catalyst entity set up to model why stable civil peace couldn’t / can't be achieved...
then what natural contentment did and does offer, and how to regenerate contentment as the human lifestyle ...
via a voluntarily no-loss process.


Within OASSISS, contentment is defined as "appreciation and enjoyment of whatever may be desired". The more that contentment prevails, the less extreme desires will be – whereas the more civil imposition inhibits the personal space required for consideration, the more irrational and chaotic the reactions against it will be – as the history of civilization proves - beyond even imaginable doubt.
OASSISS is a catalytic option to displace unrealistic waste of contentment potential caused by civil deviance – it is a naturally scientific option with 100% security - not just a bunch of civilians competitively throwing darts in the shadows, down deviations from reality, then blaming others for the consequent waste of their personal potential.
Comprehension of the knowledge required for the OASSISS project has been completed - fluency is progressing well.
The next requirement is adequate presentation of the three sequential parts of the model....
1 “Prelude to the Circus”........... Being Realistic - prior to civil via values.
2 ”The Civil Circus”....................realistic reflections of civilization.
3 ”When the Circus is Over”......modelling energetic contentment without
values justified by beliefs manufactured by unnecessary civil institutions.

The OASSISS model formats will include books, comics, games, TV series, movies, hyperlinked web presentations and any other compatible media.
The most influential format that will derive from those listed above and facilitate
the project objective, will be personal discussions throughout humanity about their addictions to values and how to displace them. OASSISS needs assistance to arrange and present the model components in the various formats.
Intuitive personal association with the knowledge / comprehension base, then fluency with it, is essential and that process requires notable personal space.
While the project has potential to generate midterm commercial returns, commitment and investment will precede those returns – therefore the project requires self supported intuitive open minds – with courage to lead others from imposed civil belief back to knowledge via attractive media presentations.

The OASSISS project is entirely reflective – not any degree creative and must remain that way – it is reflective of the only directive and management entity with a faultless record, that being encompassing reality's nature.

If you are available or aware of potential that will assist the OASSISS endeavor - please advise via the contact link. Use same link to query.

The OASSISS project is not about trying to stuff another re-decorated version of civil beliefs, down the throats of civilians enduring consequences of addiction to such beliefs – it is about displacing the unrealistic single cause of all such waste. Civilians are humans addicted to civil values - which are the base of all addictions – none of them known or endured beyond civil influence. Consideration proves values to be the most savage type of cancer and allows displacement - whereas thinking about them allows them to adapt as required to persist as a parasite.
Nature's birth / death recycling process facilitates the OASSISS objective by replacing incurable civil addicts with youthful allegiance to "Being Realistic".

Because of the addiction factor, the project requires about 3 generations from the comprehension completion during 2013 - through modeling / challenge / debate and acceptance - to collective voluntary reversion about 2090 - from unrealistic values based beliefs and competitive civil win-win piracy stress and waste - to realistic knowledge based, no-loss, uninhibited alignment, with encompassing reality's principles, preferences and provisions - provisions that both natural humans and those addicted to civil piracy via values are totally and equally dependant on.

Scientific perspective that is proven to be the natural gifted antidote for civil beliefs will remain -
perhaps as the bonus for displacing the civil crap that reality so obviously finds irritating, as illustrated by reality's reactions against it.

Treason, is "to act against the known principles and preferences of an entity used for support".
Civilization cannot sustain humanity's contentment potential, whereas encompassing reality always has, can and will do so - therefore, "being civil" is a traitorous alternative to "being realistic". Being civil requires indoctrination then justified imposition of beliefs, whereas being realistic is naturally intuitive.

To expand civilization by "gently" forcing children to inhibit their intuitive access to knowledge, via opaque structures of civil values, justified with beliefs then reinforced with laws imposed on many by careless civil addicts, for benefit of self and peers, is degrading behavior traitorous due to deviance from reality's clearly displayed preferences.

Human youth have for millenniums been conscripted via pomise of superiority to adopt unrealistic civil values, via their predecessors addiction to those values. Within civilization they continue to lose more than 50% of their natural contentment potential. Conclusive universal evidence, accessible to all via intuition, proves beyond imaginable doubt - that circumstance is the foundation of all child abuse.



It's morning now the sun is up over all that we can see
all around nature's beauty's enhanced with potential for activity

it rained a little gently last night
the fuel that most around awaited
along with us all that surrounds us
had waited with quiet breath abated
to start today in an appreciative way
lacking nothing and having the will
to plow and sow to bloom and grow
to feel respond consider and know
why each and all exist

the moment was a repeat showing how real life may be
to follow natural reason with resolution for a purpose
with that we will never need to question or doubt
as again in those few moments this morning
we were aware of what reality is all about
to have to cherish and willingly give
to apply all we have received
to be and to live

the fears that were taught!
past has been washed away
by the practical beauty around us
as we woke up to live another day
if we were told today is to be our last
we may enjoy it without burden of past
as we have never needed to ask for more
22nd century - oassiss cycle complete - default lifestyle energetic contentment - no values - no solutions - nothing to solve
The full knowledge base of the OASSISS lifestyle model will be listed when arrangement / presentation is completed / 2020 hopefully.