Contentment – defined as "appreciation and enjoyment of whatever may be desired" is the natural status of encompassing reality and all its subjects. Contentment is consequent first of all lifecycles emerging aligned with the principles and preferences of encompassing reality and then of predominant collective maintenance of that natural status.
These OASSISS reflections are expressed as guides to the hardy natural seeds for contentment, that hibernate for survival beneath the justified values that civilized minds are addicted to.
OASSISS reflections of reality can motivate the latent energies required to regenerate human contentment by displacing civil values, beliefs, justification, associated deceit etc - together with the civil institutions fabricated to update, expand and impose them.

The only complete definition of success is “the degree contentment is maintained or regenerated throughout circumstances influenced by whatever is being judged”.
Within recycling evolution, the formats of energy are infinite.
Energy first formats itself via desire – which is itself a format of energy.
Humanity being subjects, seem without the potential to comprehend whatever desire and its energetic natural consequences derive from – probably to prevent risk of disastrous interference with encompassing reality's faultless continuity.

It is beyond doubt that to allow any other objectives, encompassing reality must first maintain absolute continuity.
Maintenance of continuity requires faultless balancing enabled in part by the simplicity of absolute equality throughout the infinite differences consequent of and maitained by continual recycling.
Competition and cooperation are not alternative attitudes – the comparatively vacuous state of mind consequent of cooperation being inhibited by values, represents competitive perspective.
Cooperation supports contentment whereas competition inhibits it. Short-sight and narrow focus consequent of addiction to values facilitate competition.
There is no direct relationship between offering maximum contribution and competing.
While all may forever experience contentment via cooperative alignment with the principles and preferences of encompassing reality, without ever competing - it is technically impossible to compete without having first cooperated to set up the competition.
Competition can only reduce nett residual contentment available via cooperation. The nett product of energy via competition is always less than the optimum available via cooperation. Cooperation maintains and regenerates the proverbial "GoodLife", via openly exhibited appreciation and pleasure, whereas competition inhibits contentment, via excitement down deviations from 'Being Realistic' – which is collectively cooperative - naturally.


All lifecycles are recycled in and out of existence via encompassing reality's nature – which is why the OASSISS objective is technically and humanly possible – no civil / religious beliefs can alter that fact.
The OASSISS objective only requires energy to become probability and more energy to become descendant’s lifecycle experience – their lifestyle.

Displacing beliefs allows uninhibited access to knowledge via intuition. Knowledge generates acceptance that some foundation aspects of reality are beyond the comprehension potential of its dependant subjects – probably to protect encompassing reality from the stupidity of subjects who via experiment then addiction, may decide they are superior and make aggressively competitive takeover bids – that could threaten the faultless continuity challengers are depend on for the resources to make their challenges.

Civilians are continually and completely dependant on encompassing reality for their lifecycles and all they appreciate, use and enjoy within them. An essential tool for maintenance of reality's continuity is absolute equality. Therefore civilian’s addictively competitive support of superiority over inferiority via values, while accepting sustenance from what those values oppose, fits exactly the common definition of traitorous. Traitorous example is the base of descendant abuse via inhibition of their contentment potential.

Civil humans remain dependant subjects of encompassing reality as completely as all our predecessors were and descendants will be. We have lifestyle choices within that dependant circumstance. Perhaps the most defining of those choices is whether to be realistic or risk deviating to excitingly apparent civil superiority, as we process each image, response, reaction etc, that collectively become our lifestyle - influencing whoever we interact with, directly or indirectly, generating predominant community perspectives.
That choice is constantly recurring throughout a lifecycle and each civilian is some degree realistic - rather than “I am or I am not”. It is unlikely there are many if any humans completely realistic within the current human preoccupation with self assigned civil superiority. Other species and human children become unrealistic only via degrading civil influence. No individual can be completely unrealistic as life cannot continue without sustenance.
The more contented people are the less extreme their desires will be.
That raises the question, “How was contentment lost”, which is answered soon by the reflections about how civilization emerged.

Contentment is realities natural status. As encompassing reality is faultless its contentment status is 100%. If some subjects enjoy less than 100% it is simply because their appreciation of their environment is less than 100%.
If a subject community assigns 20% of their appreciation to gods or devils or other unrealistic deviance “created” by civilian ventriloquist puppeteers and pirates – then their experience of contentment will reduce to 80%.
The average current contentment of civilian's is a little less than 50% of their human potential. The sole cause of the wasted potential is civil resistance to the absolute equality that is a major structural component encompassing reality depends on for its faultless continuity via balance - as gravity balances the universe so too nature uses absolute equality to balance all it is responsible for.
These reflections are about civilians choosing the simple opportunity, “to regain alignment with what we depend and rely on without exception – opportunity to regain personal intuitive communication with the only client focused provider, banker, insurer, trainer etc that facilitates everything collective humanity appreciates - that provider is natural reality and the communication option is via our intuition.
The reflections here are necessarily critical because the “GoodLife" objective is via displacement of addictions deeply embedded in civil beliefs.

to be continued - completed when space allows 2018 hopefully
22nd century - oassiss cycle complete - default lifestyle energetic contentment - no values - no solutions - nothing to solve